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Carbon Fiber CFC Wing 190cm x 30cm

Carbon Fiber CFC Wing 190cm x 30cm

Carbon Fiber Wing 190cm x 30cm

Weight approx 4kg Yet very Stiff & Rigid due to our production methods & experience



*Main Wing

*CF Side plates (approx 353mm x 208mm similar to 458 EVO plates - or you can provide us your special request)

*CF Wing Brackets (to be fitted on the bottom side of the wing 25cm Left & 25cm Right from the middle)


Not Included

*Metal bases/brackets which connect wing with the trunk/chassis

These must be manufactured to fit the chassis of your car due to the high amount of downforce created by this wing

  • Production Time

    Approx. 40-60days

3.200,00 €Price
*All items are been produced according to buyers preferences- there are no items in stock
*Prices are subjected to Vat for EU customers & Shipping costs on check out 

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