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The CFClock

The CFClock

CFClock Concept & Design

We are Race and Composite "junkies", so the idea was to create something that sparks our blood whenever we looked at it. A clock can be placed anywhere! At your livingroom, at your office, at your garage, at your shop and especially at your Mancave! For months we were researching  the market in the field of Automotive Wall Clocks and after many tests on designs, colours, carbon weave cloths, clock mechanisms, materials etc we managed to conceive and create this "The CFClock"! 

  • 330mm Diameter Carbon Fiber Brake Disc, big enough to draw attention!
  • Front Brake Disc Design with vent holes, we thought it would look much better the holes to be indened than just a drilled surface, and guess what it does! 
  • Side Brake Disc Design, also another way to get this real cf brake disc look was to add extraction vents on the side of the design
  • Back Side Brake Disc Design , althought probably it would never be seen in public when fitted on the wall we decided to add that area to, keeping the design of a brake disc as real as possible in sight and in feeling when holding it!
  • The CFClock mechanism on purpose selected to be a silent type offering continous movement of the "seconds hand" reminding the rpm needles movement
  • Needles Design -Red also is the color of most needles on supercar's tachometers so it couldnt be another color, also it matches so nice with carbon fiber
  • Numbers Design - In addition Gold is a colour we use a lot in CFC on our carbon creations therefore we decided numbers to be in gold colour, and for our limited edition clocks we will be using 24K Real Gold
  • Gold bolts/rivets - beside every number adding that "real" brake disc look 
  • Production Technique - Using our Vacuum infusion technique we manage to produce pinhole free carbon fiber items with squeezed fibers look - result of vacuum- giving that extra showroom quality with the least possible weight.
  • Clear coat, the most suitable finish for such an item we came up after many tests was the special Satin finish we mix here at CFC. It definitely gives that silk race look on this piece of Art.
  • Carbon Fiber Weaves - The CFClock is available at 1x1 Plain Weave, 2x2 Twill Weave, 4x4 Twill Weave, 12K Twill Weave and the Spread Tow Weave.
  • Weight: each CFClock weights approx 300-350grams only!


The CFClock is a piece of Art to keep it for the rest of your life, you can always replace the mechanism in case it stops working after few years but the main clock disc design will stay for ever, even if for some reason the clock gets damaged by accident you may contact us to help about repairing it.The idea behind this concept is to keep this piece of Art for ever! 

  • The CFClock Concept & Creation Film

  • Production Time

    Approx. 30-40 days

480,00 €Price
*All items are been produced according to buyers preferences- there are no items in stock
*Prices are subjected to Vat for EU customers & Shipping costs on check out 

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