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Quality Focused

Bespoke Production


CFC Bespoke Composite Products - Our Customers are able to select between a range of Carbon Fiber Weaves, Types of Clear Coats, Custom painting and many more... If you got  a special request or idea you can contact us to discuss it.We produce Composite products via Vaccum Infusion Techniques aiming at a cloth/resin ratio of 65/35 similar to highest quality racing composites! Overlaying carbon fiber on top  of fiberglass is just not our field of expertise...We prefer doing things the correct way, via special moldings, vacuum technology and curing inside composite ovens.

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New Products


CFC_CarbonFiberCustoms founded in 2014 after almost 10 years of getting experience on composites and molding field. Our Vision is to offer Innovative and High Quality Carbon Fiber products made according to our customers preferences. Using the latest Vacuum Infusion Techniques we succeded in creating products with  Resin/Cloth ratio similar to prepreg but with great finishing quality. We are #addicted2quality ! The result is Racing Lightweight Composites with Showroom Quality lasting for years and that is the reason why we work with supercars, luxury yaqhts and defence companies!

CFC Quality Standards

-All CFC carbon parts are made via the latest Vacuum Infusion Techniques for High Strength and Low Weight

-Based on our Vaccum Infusion Technology we can produce pinhole & bubble free Carbon Fiber parts

-All molds are made in our company with special techniques to ensure perfect fitting and surface

-The weight reduction is approx. at -70% from oem metal parts and approx 40% from plastic.

-All CFC parts come clear coated with high quality automotive clear coat for UV protection and High Gloss, your CFC carbon fiber parts will NOT become yellow or fade.

-Using top quality materials and curing them inside composite ovens at the correct temperatures we quarantee that your CFC parts will not soften or distort under the sun

-Lighter is Faster!




Varis Koropiou 131, Koropi, 19400


Tel: 0030 - 211 216 9661

Mob: 0030 - 6971580505



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Showroom Hours available: 10.00-18.00 (GMT+2)

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